From left: Emanuel Basnight, Anthony Daley, Wells Davis, Brian Coleman


PowerTwist was designed by a team of black professionals who set out to create a premium, effective, hygienic and 'easy to hold' everyday black hair twisting solution.  The symbolic 'power fist' embedded within the product design represents a commitment to empowering black people, black communities and black beauty across the world. 

After multiple rounds of testing in one of Chicago's top barbershops by co-founder and master barber Brian Coleman, PowerTwist has proven to be highly effective and far superior to the competition.  It rinses clean after each use, comes with a carrying case, easily fits in your pocket and will last for years.

 Brian Coleman, President & Head of Industry

Wells Davis, CEO

Emanuel Basnight, Chief Creative Officer

 Anthony Daley, CEO

Asha Davis, Chief Operating Officer