The PowerTwist was designed to enhance the natural curls, coils and twists of Black hair.  It replaces unhygienic / difficult to clean twist sponges and works best on short to medium length hair.  PowerTwist features grooves on each side for maximum grip / comfort and it was created to be easy-to-hold for both right and left-handed users.  It is also made from medical-grade plastic - so it won't pull hair out like other metal-based twist combs.

To use: Simply place your hand / fingers in the grooves, hold PowerTwist at a 45-90 degree angle against your twists and rotate clock-wise (or counter-clockwise if that's more comfortable for you) for a few minutes until your desired look is achieved.  For best results, we recommend spraying the hair with a bit of water before use.

How Barbers Use PowerTwist:

PowerTwist co-founder & Master Barber Brian Coleman gives tips on using PowerTwist:


LA-based Barber Dave Moore shares why the maintaining a singular direction while using your PowerTwist impacts the look of your Twists: